Boonie Hat - Khaki

The perfect hat for the military, fisherman, and outdoorsman to keep you cool. Ideal for hunting, fishing, exploring, and the great outdoors.

Made from 100% Cotton in Khaki.

Built with mesh vents in the crown, a drawcord adjustment, branch loops, and snaps to transform the hat into a stylish, functional bush hat.

Available in two different sizes.

Small/Medium Size: ~24in. crown circumference.

Medium/Large: ~25in. crown circumference.

Size Guide

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Sizing Chart

Please refer to the sizing chart below for our sizes.

Important Tips:

The sizes on the chart are vertically aligned to help you convert sizes to different units of measurement.

For example, a "small" fitted will fit between Size 7 and 7 1/8.

A "medium" fitted will fit between Size 7 1/4 and 7 3/8.

Size 7 is equal to ~56 CM, and Size 7 1/8 is equal to ~57 CM around the crown.

Snapbacks fit comfortably from Size 7 through Size 7 3/4.

Sizing Chart - HATCO®